Anderson’s Witness of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ MormonFrom my childhood I learned about Jesus Christ and the importance of His atonement. I have gained knowledge through reading His word and learning of Him; this has always given me a great pleasure. During my years of personal I study, and as I learned about Jesus Christ, and the role He played as Savior and Redeemer, I also learned that we can receive knowledge not only through our reasoning power, but even more importantly, through the Lord’s Spirit.

While studying the scriptures, I realized a real flow of knowledge that poured into my mind. It penetrated my soul in way that erased doubt and gave me a sense of pure happiness and love that never experienced before on earth. No knowledge have I acquired has had the greater impact on my heart and mind than the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ. This knowledge continues to influence my decisions daily, and I try to follow His perfect example.

I know that by studying and receiving numerous spiritual experiences that Jesus of Nazareth is the God of the Old Testament, yes the Lord, and the creator of this Earth and all that exists. He came to earth and taught us the only path that could take us back to our Father; He healed the sick, comforted the afflicted and raised the dead. His words of wisdom and love inherently have the power to elevate men and to assist them in understanding to understand their and His true nature. I witness that at the end of the Savior’s mortal ministry, He offered the most sublime act of love. Through His infinite atonement He took upon himself, voluntarily, the sins, sorrows, frustrations and sufferings of the whole human family. He forgave all who were willing to submit to Him as He submitted to the will of the Father. He volunteered to be crucified and to bring to all eternal life. He lives and will return as promised to reign in peace and righteousness over His people. But above all, I know he is willing to help me carry my burdens, to wipe away my tears with love, and to lead me through the storms of life, He is not far away. He knows me and loves me more than I can understand. I am humbled and grateful for the testimony that was given me by a loving God, who I learned to call Father.